Andy Welland is a British Artist and Art Director.

'Andy's practice is rooted in background disciplines of contemporary fine art and commercial graphic design. This is reflected in his work through a back-and-forth process; ping-pong style between both disciplines, conceptually and also in modes of production.

His hand-made collage work and graphic paintings form an aesthetic that explores shape and form, familiar motifs and cultural totems whilst blurring the lines between simple and complex, hand-made and the digital. Notions of image-making are blurred, cultural artefacts are pulled apart, reassembled, whilst personal ephemera are elevated to objets d'art.

We live in a post-modern world where everything is constantly borrowed and remixed – Andy's work and practice plays with this sentiment. DJ'ing disciplines, techniques and cultural appropriation has allowed him to navigate through the simple yet complex, micro/macro viewpoint of post-production as either a clear or fuzzy expression. This optional schizophrenia however, is always manifested as an explosion of colour, shape and form'.

Design Practice

'Before establishing his own studio practice, he cut his teeth in London’s ad-land and worked at various boutique design studios across the UK. As an accomplished art director, he operates his own design consultancy  generating commercial work such as branding, conceptual R&D and publication design'.

I’m hired to figure out how a thing can work. I’ve helped solve problems such as:

How should a Visual Identity System for Visa work for the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup?

How do you represent a flavour experience of an iconic ice cream?

What do men in New York and Chicago really think about whiskey?

How do you celebrate 130 years of Coca-Cola?

How can a radio station talk directly to their listeners individually each day?

Design Ethos

Design is how things work.

Design is about solving a puzzle, telling a story and sharing an idea. Design is about looking at your surroundings and asking does it have to be this way?

It's about having a curiosity to things with a sense of imagination and asking questions; What is it? Is it art? What even is art? How does it make you feel?

Design can be daring to be simpler, smarter and standing the test of time. Dialing things up, toning things down, defining, refining or tearing it all up and saying to hell with the practical and obvious. Design is about being human and communicating.

Selected Clients

Bauer Media, Coca-Cola, GlaxoSmithKline, King’s College London, The Kyoto Prize, LVMH, Nike, Oxford University, Pernod Ricard, Rolls Royce, Unilever, Visa. 


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Selected Press & Published

Real Homes Magazine December, 2017
Houzz Bedroom Tour, November, 2017
Pavement Licker 10th Birthday Book, July, 2017
Houzz The Drawing Room, December, 2016
Paint By Number Issue 3, November, 2016
We Heart August, 2016