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'Loose Ends (16) + (17)’.

A New Limited Screenprint Edition


Loose Ends 16, screenprint, 90x66cm, 2018.
Loose Ends 17, screenprint, 90x66cm, 2018.
Found distressed billboard collage, Istanbul, 2018.
Found distressed billboard collage, Sheffield, 2018.

Artworks: © Andy Welland / WeWork
Designs: © Andy Welland
Photos: © Andy Welland

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Print Edition Release

23 October, 2018.

A continuation of the ‘Loose Ends’ series, these new screenprints are bold, bright and inspired by movement, rhythm and the feeling of Summer: A delightful sucker punch from your eyes to your brain delivering explosive colour, shape and form.

Reflecting the cultural mixing pot of our post-modern world where everything is constantly remixed and repurposed into a different compositions and shown through a multitude of lenses. These works are a celebration of positivity and joy.

Edition Details

7 colour hand-pulled screenprint
300gsm Imperial Somerset Satin White stock
Hand-torn decal edge
900mm x 660mm
Hand signed and numbered (front)
Limited edition of 20

Visual Language: In Conversation

“Producing Andy's instantly recognisable hand, this edition has been handprinted by master printmaker, Jonny Akers at St. Dunstan's House – a stunningly converted church in the heart of Bedminster, Bristol, a city famed for a vibrant street art culture and creative spirit. By pushing what is possible with no compromise, Jonny mixes traditional craft and technical progression. These screenprints have been hand-pulled and all inks mixed by hand to match Andy's giant Loose Ends paintings. Look out for playful trapping juxtapositions and the interpretation of colour.

The compositions exemplify Andy's fine arts and design career background. A graphic perspective deconstructs and reassembles formal elements and principles as découpage. Serving as a democratic entry point into the work, these high fidelity visions also form new arrangements that produce a chain reaction for a deeper conceptualisation of theory and practice if invoked.

Loose Ends’ serve as an exploration into the conceptual vocabulary and understanding of visual language. A projection of meaning that isn't based upon metaphor alone. It is almost like a dark art - sometimes not quite manifesting, there is a feeling and emotion, esoteric in nature that you can't reach out and grasp but you have to dance around a little to change your perception”.

 About The Artist

Andy Welland (b. 1981) is a British artist living and working in the UK. He is recognised for his vibrant, graphic collage work that is both welcoming and bold with a sophisticated conceptual edge. Following a degree in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam in 2007, he cut his teeth in London working within the luxury division of M&C Saatchi and has also worked at various boutique design studios across the UK. As an accomplished art director, he operates a design consultancy generating commercial work such as branding, conceptual R&D and publication design alongside his art practice.