Print Release – Ephemera 04

My new print edition Ephemera 04 (My Little Pony) in Ganguro, Fairy Kei and Decora colorways will be available Friday, February 23rd at 7PM GMT at

This piece is part of my ongoing 'Ephemera' series: A taxonomy of personal objects and other ephemera, whilst serving as an explorative testbed in shape and form for my 'Loose Ends' collage pieces. These objects hold a particular place in our heart or perhaps a moment in time. To some they may be personal treasures and relics of time gone by, to others, just a simple curio to gaze upon. Over time, our memory of these objects becomes a little fussier and they aren't quite how we remember them, but the spirit of the object continues.

This deluxe hand-pulled screenprint has been produced by working in collaboration with print master Jonny Akers. Thanks go to Jonny for his expert eye, patience and craft – These are beauties! All inks have been mixed by hand and the final colourways are inspired by Harajuku street styles spotted on my Tokyo travels. We have added an extra special bit of magic in the form of diamond dust. A glittering finish that will catch the light and add a hedonistic, kitsch sparkle inspired by 1980's toys and cartoons.


This print in particular has been a tricky one. The development of the piece has existed in various iterations as well as ranges of scale, colour palettes and media to test the outcome for a definitive print. This includes simple line drawings, 30 or 40 so reworkings of the form as well as a large one-meter painting that screams for your attention, but all of these were not quite right.  

All that remains is this. A deluxe screenprint edition in three colourways. Anticipated interest has been high so we've produced a run of 30 for each colourway.

— 5 colour hand-pulled screenprint
— Iridescent 'diamond dust' glitter detailing
— 300gsm Imperial Somerset Satin White stock
— Hand-torn decal edge
— 300mm x 300mm (LP vinyl size approx.)
— Hand signed and numbered (front)
— Limited edition of 30 p/colour.

£70.00 + global shipping


Andy Welland