‘Loose Ends’ P.E.T. Rugs

Limited edition art rugs reusing waste for Knot Collective


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Selected Works: 
Loose Ends 27, P.E.T. yarn pile, (various sizes), 2019.
Loose Ends 28, P.E.T. yarn pile, (various sizes), 2019.
Loose Ends 29, P.E.T. yarn pile, (various sizes), 2019.
Loose Ends 30, P.E.T. yarn pile, (various sizes), 2019.
Loose Ends 31, P.E.T. yarn pile, (various sizes), 2019.
Loose Ends 32, P.E.T. yarn pile, (various sizes), 2019.

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Press Release

19 July, 2019. For immediate release.

A series of 6 ‘Loose Ends’ artworks have been conceived as collectors art rugs that will transform your home floor into bold and bright canvases. Working with Knot Collective these pieces exemplify Andy’s studio practice and modes of production.

Handcrafted in India by skilled artisans using traditional techniques yet utilising recycled P.E.T yarn made from 100% recycled plastic, engineered in the same way as wool to ensure its quality and softness to the touch.

Each piece is championing the Goodweave Label; the official stamp to certify the rug is free from child labour and donates profits back into ending illegal child labour in the rug making industry.

From Knot Collective

“Creating collectable art rugs from discarded plastic, The Knot Collective is the first and only ‘graphic art rug company’ to produce its’ entire limited-edition range from post-consumer waste.

Launching this new direction is ‘Unwasted’ the first in a series of limited edition eco-collection rugs showcasing the very brightest stars from the creative world.

Staying true to aged old artisan weaving techniques the rugs have a soft texture, vibrancy in colour and are all ethically made.

Art Rugs With Purpose

This idea works towards addressing the daunting reality of over consumption and the rapid rise of plastic waste, turning discarded plastic into floor art using 100% recycled P.E.T yarn and offering a broader understanding of what a rug is, and what it can mean.

Every new rug The Knot Collective manages to make will mean more discarded waste will diverted from landfill sites and rolled out as an art rug on people’s floors around the world.

Addressing the ethical impact of consumption is woven into the Collective’s DNA and the brand’s work aims to address the effect of the way we live on a human level, as well as an environmental one.

Partnering with the charity Goodweave means every Knot Collective rug is produced by certified mills with a portion of each sale donated back to this vital cause.

Mark Hanlon, director, said: “Every rug we create will transform unwanted objects into a beautiful piece of floor art that can be loved and preserved for a lifetime. Owning just one Knot Collective rug will come with the knowledge that over 3,000 plastic bottles have been diverted from a landfill, meaning each rug purchased is made from 100% post-consumer material. Our partnership with Goodweave means that every rug sold plays a part in helping to rescue children who are put to slavery daily, working long hours in dangerous conditions to the detriment of their psychical and mental health.”

The recycled PET fibres used to create each rug are naturally stain-resistant and do not require the chemical treatments used on most nylon carpets; they also retain colour and resist fading from sun exposure or harsh cleaning. 

Producing yarns from existing products means The Knot Collective avoids using precious hydrocarbons to create its polyester material, which in turn reduces energy consumption for manufacturing by 66%, greenhouse gas emissions by over 34% and water consumption by nearly 50%.

All rugs come in 5 different sizes ranging from 150x200cm-400x533cm, in hand knotted, hand tufted, and kilim weaves.  Prices range from £540- £2,160.00 exclusively from knotcollective.com”.